Sam Tadesse
Sam Tadesse CEO
Mr. Tadesse has over 20 years of extensive hands-on experience in the parking industry and has been Managing Director of Pacific Park Management since 1995. Prior to founding Pacific Park, Mr. Tadesse worked as the General Manager of CarPark Corporation, managing over 30 locations. His operational expertise and management skill was the driving force behind rapidly growing revenues and a financially successful operation that was eventually sold to Central Parking Corporation (NYSE:CPC). After CarPark, Mr. Tadesse brought his experience and vision to Pacific Park Management. His close interaction with employees has provided Mr. Tadesse with an understanding of how to motivate them to provide the best service possible. Mr. Tadesse has a background in: marketing, contracts, auditing, human resource management, customer relations and training.

During his sixteen year tenure at Pacific Park, he has been instrumental in maximizing revenues while minimizing overall costs throughout the operation. A significant example of these efforts was following nine eleven, when he took on an active role in cutting expenses at SFO by just upwards of 20% as this airport and many others across the country started to realize the impacts of this devastating event. Since then, he has also been able to largely maintain these very cuts right up to and including this current operating year.

He has also been very involved in the design of new marketing programs for the Oakland International Airport known as ”I Park Oak” & “Footsteps to your Flight.” These programs were conceived to further heighten awareness and promote the close proximity and relative cost of the on-site parking to the terminal.

Behailu Mekbib
Behailu Mekbib COO, President
Mr. Mekbib has a solid understanding of all aspects of managing large parking facilities. He has been Managing Director of Pacific Park since 1995 during which time he has been instrumental in increasing both the profitability and customer service of the company’s operations. Early on in his career from 1986 through to 1989, Mr. Mekbib worked at Pro Park Corporation—first as a valet attendant, then working his way up to a supervisor and eventually a location manager. In 1986 he was hired by Park Express, Inc. as an Area Manager where he remained until 1995. During his time there he was in charge of all aspects of marketing and managing ten separate facilities. In this capacity he also established and managed a shuttle bus service throughout the financial district of San Francisco. Today, Behailu’s strong interpersonal skills help to hone the company’s culture so as to stay focused on our customers. He oversees the day to day operations of the company where he is truly a force behind ensuring that a “Superior Customer Service” attitude always exists. Given his exceptional interpersonal skills and outstanding rapport with local service providers and Unions alike-- Mr. Mekbib stays focused on delivering a high standard of service throughout the company’s operations.

A notable and recent achievement of his is at the Oakland International Airport where he played an important role in the evaluation of off-airport parking and its effects on the on-airport parking operations. Here he provided an analysis to the administration of the Airport that showed the large volume of off-airport parking and the large disparity in rates compared that of the on-airport parking operations. In so doing his analysis demonstrated what would need to be done to achieve improved revenues through further downward rate adjustments. This demonstrated that further adjustments to the on-airport rates would merely result in further erosion of revenues.

In January 2011 PPM took control of the San Francisco International Airport’s “Curb side Management Program.” Here, Behailu project managed the transition of over 90 unionized staff members while at the same time successfully negotiating a new labor agreement with the existing Union local 665.

Dwayne B. Redmon
Dwayne B. Redmon CFO
Mr. Redmon has over twenty-four years experience in accounting and finance. He also has sixteen years of managing the finances of the Golden State Warriors (NBA franchise), the Atlanta Hawks (NBA franchise) and Synopsys, Inc. (software). His experience also includes six years in Big 6 public accounting as an auditor. Mr. Redmon has a Bachelors degree in Business Administration – Accounting from San Jose State University and is a Certified Public Accountant.

John Bacus
John Bacus V.P. Marketing
Mr. Bacus has more than 10 years of marketing and management experience with well known companies, such as Compaq and Nintendo, as well as several Silicon Valley venture-backed start-ups. In these organizations his responsibilities have run the gamut from the development of marketing and promotional collateral to the creation of the overall marketing and product strategy. Mr. Bacus was a co-founder of PH3 Group, a boutique consulting company that provided business and marketing strategy consulting services to private companies, such as Pacific Park Management, and large publicly-traded international corporations, such as Logitech. Mr. Bacus earned bachelor degrees in Psychology and Business from the University of Washington and an MBA from the Yale School of Management.

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