Lombard Street Garage Parking Rates
Monthly Parking Rates
Standard Rate: $225/month
Reserved Rate: $335/month
Carpool Rate: $110/month
Early Bird: $15 flat rate (enter before 8:30am, exit before close)
Motorcycle Rate: $45/month
Daily Parking Rates (7am - 6pm)
Midnight - 9am: $1 per hour
9am - 3pm: $2 per hour
3pm - 6pm: $1.25 per hour
6pm - Midnight: $1 per hour
Daily Max: $22.00
Lost ticket: $22.00

Weekday Discounts
$2 discount if enter by 8:30am and park 3+ hours.
$2 discount if park 3+ hours and leave after 6:30pm.
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